25 July 2011

Why Would you Need an Executive Coach?

Being a senior manager in either the private or the not-for profit sector is a tough and, sometimes, lonely job. Coaching can give you the boost that will help you re-discover the vision and passion you had when you first started. A coach will help you turn difficult situations into opportunities.

A coach will also ask you the tough questions which will help keep you on track. Coaching is also an effective way of ensuring that individuals are able to adjust to change in a way that is congruent with their own beliefs and values. In this way, coaching is  an effective method of combining the organisational need for change with the personal development of the individual. Benefits  include increased morale, motivation and productivity – a proven effect on the bottom-line.
The benefits of coaching include the following:

  • Clear direction and purpose.
  • Improved performance.
  • Faster response to change
  • Learning tailored to individual needs

If you feel I can help you or your organisation enhance their capacity by providing executive coaching then please do contact me for a no obligation discussion.

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